What we offer:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Dr. Parikh specializes in this type of surgery for bunions, hammertoes, painful calluses and other issues. We have a surgical suite onsite so you don’t have to go anywhere else

  • Bunion

    Painful “bump” on the side of the big toe, which can be painful in shoes

  • Hammer Toe

    When the toes are contracted and can have painful corns on the top of the toes or pain with certain shoes

  • Heel Pain

    Pain along the arch and/or heel

  • Custom Orthotics

    Inserts made specifically for each person’s foot type and needs

  • Laser Toenail Fungus

    Very effective laser therapy for thick or unsightly toenails

  • Flat Feet

    Minimal or no arch when standing. This can lead to ankle, knee or low back pain

  • Ingrown Nails

    Painful nail border usually in the big toe

We also treat:

Ankle Pain - Sprained ankle or pain around the ankle joint.

Neuromas - Shooting, burning pain in the foot.

Laser therapy for Pain -  Specialized laser is very effective for plantar fasciitis and other tendinitis.

Achilles tendinitis - Pain in the back of the heel or in the Achilles tendon.

Painful Calluses - Calluses on the bottom of the foot can be permanently corrected with minimal invasive surgery

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